Key Policies

Local Content:

As a 100% Nigerian company, we are committed to the development of

local content as provided for by the Nigerian Content Development Act (2010). Consequently, FFF management strongly enforces the following policies; utilizing goods and services procured in Nigeria, continually developing indigenous contractors and utilizing local labour, showing preference towards locally manufactured materials whenever possible, providing training to develop human capital and build competence in the management of sustainable local capacity development, ensuring protection of the environment, respect of human & social rights of employees and contribution to local economic development, support technology transfer programmes wherever applicable; expatriate personnel shall have nominated and appropriately educated Nigerian under-studies.


HSE Policy:

Our Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) policy is based on a safe workplace without injuries, illnesses and environmental incidents. At FFF we have aligned our HSE standards to comply with applicable laws and legislation. We consistently promote Health, Safety & Environmental awareness. Our management has made continuous evaluation and improving operational capability a priority, with the objective of minimizing risks and environmental impact. We strive to establish good relations with authorities, opinion leaders, corporations, and organizations to demonstrate responsibility in the areas of health, safety and environment. It is management’s responsibility to inform, educate and motivate our staff to understand and comply with this policy and all applicable legislation. It is paramount that all employees and contractors practice safe working habits.